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Ontario Central Vacuums is selling the
EXCLUSIVE Atom Bomb® system for only $500!

Constructed by our partner Canavac - The most trusted vacuum brand in Canada.
Stronger & quieter units than the Big Box stores.  A better warranty. 
A longer hose. Softer bristle attachments.

This system can do up to 8000 square foot homes!

Shipping is only $45 in all of Ontario

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If you are ever in the Windsor area, please drop by our retail show room!

Atom Bomb Super Power System

$500 - Shipping is only $45 in Ontario

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This compact power unit produces 800 MIND BLOWING AIR WATTS!!. This unit is quiet producing 64 decibels. The unit is bagless; however, you have the option to insert bags to the adapter inside the bucket.  All units come with a permanent filter pouch. If you have asthma or allergies - this unit is for you.  The unit comes equipped with a HEPA filter pouch trapping dust, bacteria and allergens. The unit is constructed using all metal; not cheap plastic.  The latches are easy to open; unlike the stubborn latches on the big box store units. The Atom Bomb Power Unit also comes equipped with two intake valves on either side of the chassis.  This is an EXCLUSIVE FEATURE where you have the CHOICE to insert a PVC pipe into the left or right side of the machine.  This leaves you with an EXTRA UTILITY VALVE designed for cleaning your vehicles right in the convenience of your garage!  Simply attach a utility valve to the extra intake valve, plug in your hose and vacuum your vehicle!  This machine comes with a manual switch, so you don't have to wire anything up to use the garage valve! Strong enough suction to a maximum of 8000 square feet! The power unit comes with a 7 year warranty.  For more information, click here. The accompanying kit comes with a 35 ft long hose; not your standard 30 ft.  Your choice in a grey or white colour. It comes with a power 'on/off' switch and is also light-weight and anti-kink.  The roller brush is air driven and designed to vacuum area rugs.  This kit also comes with soft bristle attachments, so it won't scratch your bare floors.  Included, is a convenient telescopic wand with a handy tool caddy.  It also comes with a mountable rack to hang the hose. If your home happens to have carpet, you have the choice of selecting the Flow master head.  The Flow master head comes equipped with a 2.5 amp motor and blue LED lights

ADD $100


Your electric hose will feature a three-way switch handle. Meaning that you can control when the power shuts on/off for BOTH the power unit and the power head. Those cheap hoses that the Big Box stores sell - do not have this feature on their hoses.


Click on this picture if you prefer to add the electric carpet head to the Atom Bomb vacuum system.  The price will be $600 + tax

Ontario central vacuums
We Are Home Grown.

Ontario Central Vacuums are made in the province of Ontario!  Support your provincial economy.

Contact Us Directly.


Bypass foreign operators and numbers.  You can have peace of mind knowing that your call comes directly to us in Ontario.

Windsor central vacuums
Windsor vacuums Windsor vacuums Windsor vacuums

Singer Terri Clark prefers to support local, Canadian made products, where she can.

Canadian Actor William Shatner - owns the STRONGEST unit made by Ontario central vacuums.

Canadian Actress Rachel McAdams accepted our complementary Atom Bomb Super System for her cottage!

Locally Owned and Operated

Ontario central vacuums are manufactured in the city of Stratford, Ontario! Stratford is a city on the Avon River within Perth County in southwestern Ontario, Canada, with a 2016 population of 31,465 in a land area of 28.28 square kilometres. Stratford is the seat of Perth County which was settled by English, Irish, Scottish and German immigrants, in almost equal numbers, starting in the 1820s. The Stratford Shakespeare Festival began in 1953. The performances during the first four seasons took place in a concrete amphitheatre covered by giant canvas tent on the banks of the River Avon. The city is in a successful agricultural area and has some auto parts manufacturing, but tourism is still the most significant aspect.

Windsor vacuums Windsor vacuums Windsor vacuums

Ontario Central Vacuums vs. Big Box Stores.

DID YOU KNOW?  The teenager wearing a smock in the seasonal department won't know a thing you're asking at the Big Box Store.  If you really want to know how STRONG a unit is, ask for the 'water lift'.  'Water lift' is a measure of suction power.  The water lift on the Atom Bomb Power Unit is a mighty 142 inches!  Plus, you can call our store directly to discuss assembly and installation.

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